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A Conversation with Guy McPherson, Paul Beckwith, and Martin Halliwell

via Check it out on Paul Beckwith’s wordpress site.

Some comments:

It sort of saddens me that Beckwith discounts chem trains and the geoengineering that is already happening. If he lived in a place like Western Kentucky he would have seen for himself some evidence. There really is no doubt whatsoever that geoengineering is already happening for a variety of purposes.

My mouth dropped open when McPherson said, “maybe we are at this really truly desperate state”…. hasn’t he been saying exactly that for a long time? I think it must just have been phrasing because he does say we have taken too long to take actions. And amen to his comment that we should just stop. We really aren’t the smartest beings on the planet. Our focus should be focusing on the systemic causes and not the symptoms.

IPCC and COP23 absolutely are not being candid and realistic and was glad to hear Beckwith reiterate that (not the first time he’s said this by any means). Frankly, the UN’s SDGs are not realistic either.

And perhaps it’s not just about worrying about our own species but all the other life in the future. That’s what matters even more to me.

1% hope sounds about right.

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