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Video shows dairy cows beaten and burned at McArthur Farm – More Arrested

The Miami Beach-based Animal Recovery Mission has released a video from its undercover abuse investigation at a Central Florida dairy farm

The graphic video, with disturbing images of cows cruelly being beaten, speared, stabbed and burned, was shot by investigators between August and October after McArthur Dairy, one of the largest producers of milk in the state, hired the investigators, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Deputies arrested three employees on Wednesday at the McArthur Farm in Okeechobee. The McArthur Dairy workers who were arrested on charges of animal cruelty all live in Okeechobee and were seen on the video committing abuse, according to Okeechobee County Sheriff Noel Stephen, the Post reported. A warrant has been issued for a fourth worker, the sheriff said.

This is absolutely sickening. I am so grateful there have been arrests.

There was a time when something like this wouldn’t even have been reported so we should be glad that such intolerable behavior is recognized and dealt with. The bad news is that in most places it is banned – by law – to take videos AND be a whistleblower. That’s a bi-partisan thing that’s been going on for decades.

Remember – there are good dairy alternatives. Give them a try. Because industrial dairy farming is abusive even at the best operated farms. It is a cruel process from start to finish. Read up on it, if you don’t believe me. That is why Walmart’s statement is so absurd when you really think about it. They stated:

“We do not tolerate the mistreatment of animals and we’re working with our suppliers to quickly and thoroughly investigate the actions shown in the video and to take the appropriate steps to help ensure this unacceptable behavior cannot continue. This video is hard to watch. We take animal rights seriously and have strict policies in place to hold our suppliers accountable.”

okay, fair enough. So then the way cattle are farmed and finished is not mistreatment? Come on. Give me a break. That’s like someone telling me that they’ve found a humane way to do foie gras. After all:

In France, the country where foie gras is most deeply embedded in the culture, the product is defined by law as the liver of a goose or duck fattened by a feeding tube, a process known as “gavage”. Overfeeding causes a chemical change within the liver as it stores fat cells, creating the smooth texture beloved by sybarites from the ancient Egyptians to the present day. SOURCE

And how about animal lovers who feast on Veal?

It’s all become so horrible. It’s a good thing so many alternatives have, and continue to be created.

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