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Slowing It Down

You may have noticed the slow down here on Earth Network News; not nearly as many articles, videos and other information being shared. The reason for this is simple. The news is getting worse, not better. The volume of stories in the mainstream and independent news outlets are increasing and the dire consequences portrayed in that news are also increasing. It’s emotionally exhausting to constantly read that news, pick which to post, and annotate. The annotations are becoming repetitive. The value of all of it is in question. After all – we’ve had an environmental movement for many decades now, and as we see it unraveling you have to wonder what good has really be done.

People in the United States are going through a collective traumatic experience. News is part of this problem. It stokes the fires of discontent relentlessly. The haters shovel the coal into those hot fires and to some extent everyone is losing their minds. It doesn’t matter if someone identifies as left or right or democrat or republican or independent or green or feminist or genderless it is all part and parcel of being divisive and squaring off against each other. Divided we fall. We are not focusing on what matters – saving our world. People care about how much money they have and right now so many are falling out of the middle class and into poverty that worrying about the environment and wildlife is the least of their concerns.

The politics in the USA is in the midst of a corporate coup and corporations, very historically, don’t care about the environment except for what can be extracted at low or no cost. This is adding to the destruction of the web of life and our own future as a species. We are like lemmings heading for the cliff and it’s beyond disturbing.

So the time has come to drastically cut back on what is posted here. There are already literally thousands of articles to search and learn more about scores of topics. Earth news isn’t going away, it’s just not going to be as prolific. Time for you, dear reader, to do some of your own reading and searching and decide what matters to you.

Here’s a reminder from someone with a bead on the problem, Derrick Jensen:

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