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About – How Then Shall We Live?

Dahr Jamail & Barbara Cecil have started a series titled “How Then Shall We Live” at Truthout.

The first is a beautiful article that should resonate strongly with anyone who understands, deeply, what global climate destabilization really means to all flora & fauna on this lovely blue dot.

My chest hurt and I had to take breaks while reading it the first time. The second time I cried.

” There is a second kind of grief that engulfs us in the moments when we really understand what we as humans have done. Questions about how we shall live going forward inherently require honest confrontation with “How have we lived?” “

Not long before I started this blog the only people talking about this were considered crazy conspiracy theorists. But we hear David Suzuki and we know. We read this and we know. Those who dive in and really learn, see the truth. The bleak, painful, regretful, absolutely shameful truth.

I look through my catalog of images collected for this blog in order to pick the feature image for this post and it’s like scrolling through a horror show. I see a collage of foolishness and destruction. I can’t pick.

So. How shall we live now? Brilliant question. As Guy says, Only love remains. For all our sake I hope we can pull that off.

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