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Tim Garrett, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences

Search ENN for what has already been posted about Tim Garrett. I found this yesterday and must share! Will include a couple other links as well.

Something Has Got to Give

In the above video – I’m reminded of a wise Professor. If you have not heard Prof Bartlett on the maths of growth – I urge you to check it out immediately.

Below is a “Stop Fossil Fuels” channel interview with Garrett from October 2018 but posted January, 2019.

Physics of Clouds & Collapse—interview w/Tim Garrett—Radio Ecoshock 2018-10-03

Not even two years ago the words of Tim Garrett were hard to find. Self-censored? Perhaps. There is no doubt that climate related scientists are hugely maligned. Anyway, below is a long interview with Prof Garrett. Worth a listen.

You can find Prof. Garrett’s professional profile here.

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