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This site is by and for Environmental Activists.

For the purposes of this site, an Environmental Activist is a person (human being) that practices vigorous, passionate, actions for the protections of Earth’s natural systems which is all inclusive of all land, air, water, and members of the animal kingdom.

An Environmental Activist practices vigorous, passionate, actions against any person, business, government or corporation that intentionally or unintentionally damages any of Earth’s natural systems.

Activists involved at this level can suffer from depression, isolation, political persecution, and various levels of PTSD.  Phase 2 of this site will see the growth of an activist community that can share and support each other through this difficult work.

Currently phase 1 is focused on the curation and annotation of content pertaining to Environmental news.  The purpose of this focus is to create a content house adequate for the average reader to easily use to connect-the-dots between topics such as corruption and pollution or politics and psychopathic corporations, as examples.

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