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So many issues these days you may think it’s impossible to narrow down to three so providing four.

  1.  Abrupt Climate Change > everything else pales in comparison. It has some scientists believing in NTHE.  Even Noam Chomsky alluded to it in this interview on The Elephant.  The systemic source for all abrupt changes are anthropogenic.   Forever headstrong and stupid –  Geoengineering deserves it’s own full topic.  Best to use this source: Geoengineering Watch .org
  2. POLITICS > Global Plutocracy, Federal Governments all the way down to the locals (who in Pensacola stood up to BP and the National Guard, who spoke out?  *crickets*)   And it’s almost certainly the feds behind most geoengineering.  Them together with their bed mates, the revolving door gang (Gov’t <=> PsychoCorps).  They demand regulating then their regulating decisions are usually based on politics not science. They corrupt every law they pass because each is full of nonsense and give-aways. They can be bought which means lying and cheating.  They engage economic hitmen.
  3. Psychopathic Corporations > if they’re people too they’re sociopaths at best, full on psychopaths at worst. They’re mission is quarterly profits, constant growth.  Constant growth in a world of finite resources, no matter how clever the technology, is impossible.  And besides, even the clever can’t get a foothold in the status quo, bank and oil robber barons.
  4. Human Overpopulation > With cheap energy, like the perfect algae bloom, came lots of food and therefore lots of people.  When I was a child there were ~3 billion people on the planet, today more than 7 billion.  They all want to live like Americans.  That exceeds Earth’s carrying capacity.

If by some miracle we thought we could fix these  we would still find ourselves in a highly polluted world.  The air, water, soil are all far from pristine and there are new threats every day.

Fukushima Daiichi is a good example.

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