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Editor Note: This information is not offered by motive of terrorizing as some have claimed.  It is offered as information for you to make up your own mind without censorship.  When someone like James Lovelock states that Near Term Human Extinction is possible, what is to be done with that information?

What if….

If it’s true that the tipping point of climate change has already been passed and the multiple degree global temperature rise is locked-in,  then it does not matter what you or I or anyone else do, it’s already game over. In this believe, somehow,  the extreme doubters and extreme believers have converged and agree to not think about it,  best to just not think about it at all and stick head back in nearest sand.

If it, the whole scenario, is NOT TRUE then, WOW,  thank GOODNESS!!  The only problem is there are so many scientists, ones who specifically work in the field of climatology and they’re sure.  Many are freaking out sure.   And to not believe them, well, exactly how does one choose which science to believe and what not to believe?

Well,  what if it’s almost true, the only false part is that we haven’t hit the tipping point quite yet, what if that’s the “truth”?

The above covers the majority of possibilities, doesn’t it?  They all point strongly to doing something, to mitigating the worst possible risk.  A risk that is already manifesting!

NTHE may not be inevitable, but what about long term?  Doesn’t it just seem to follow that something should be done no matter what?  As caring human beings thinking about their children, grandchildren, and humanity in general it’s a moral imperative.

Near Term Human Extinction

“As near-term human extinction is debated back and forth, argued for and against (with a degree of condemnation), the signs are already painfully obvious that this is the path we are heading down. Climate change, environmental damage and nuclear meltdowns are the signposts towards the demise of the human race and, as 2014 fades away, the issue of near-term human extinction demands serious attention.”  –Emma Fenton

Who is saying it’s possible…

Other References

Some say it could happen as soon as 2030.

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